Gruaduation dissertation / Final examination

Guidelines for internship and final exam Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry

Art. 1 - General aspects

For the procedure for online management of curricular internships through the ESSE3 system.

The guidelines define the methods and terms for access to the internship activity in the context of the educational curriculum developed by the Teaching Board Council (CUCHIM) and approved by the competent bodies, with the addition of some notes aimed at clarifying the role of the key figures envisaged by the above procedure.

Internship activities can be carried out in research groups operating within the University of Parma, or from external public institutions and private companies, with which special agreements must be signed through the designated offices of the University of Parma.

The internships take place under the guidance of a Company Tutor (who will act as a trainee supervisor) appointed by the Company Contact Person (for internships carried out in University labs, after the approval of the Didactic Commission). As regards internal internships, the Company Contact Person is appointed by the Teaching Board Council. For external internships, the Company Contact Person is the proponent of the training project. The proposal must be transmitted either through the ESSE3 platform or through a direct agreement with the student or a teacher belonging to the Teaching Board.

The internship corresponds to 9 credits, that is 225 hours of total activity.

Art. 2 - Access to the internship

Students who have acquired at least 120 credits, 54 of which from courses of the 1st year (1st and 2nd for part-time students), can apply for the internship.

Art. 3 - Methods of carrying out the internship

The internship activity normally takes place during the 2nd semester of the third year of the course (6th year for part-time students). Students of the third year who have not acquired the necessary credits can postpone the internship to a later period.

Art. 4 - Requirements necessary for admission

Students must apply for the internship by the following deadlines: February 28 - May 31

- September 30, in order to start the internship activities starting respectively from March 20 -

June 20 – October 20. The applications must be sent to the President of the Didactic Commission (e-mail:, using the appropriate form. Any applications for external traineeships will also be submitted through the procedure provided in ESSE3.

In the days immediately following the deadlines, the Company Contact Person, in consultation with the Didactic Commission, will proceed with the assignment of the Training Projects and the related Company Tutors, taking into account the requests of the candidates and possibly inviting them to an interview. After activation of the internship on the ESSE3 platform, the student will be invited to proceed to the steps of approval of the Training Project, choosing the Academic Tutor (the teacher of the Course of Studies who will record the activity).

The student must also submit the internship registration form to the secretariat of the Department. Everything must be completed within seven days from the date scheduled for the start of the internship. This will allow the activation of the necessary insurance benefits.

Art. 5 - Evaluation of the internship

At the end of the internship, the Company Tutor must transmit a motivated judgment to the Academic Tutor on the activity carried out by the student. The Academic Tutor, after evaluation of the judgment, will provide the verbalization of the activity carried out by the student.

Art. 6 - Final exam

To achieve the degree, the student must take a final test (see Final Test Rules at the end of this page) which consists in the preparation of a report on the activities carried out during the internship and in its presentation and discussion in front of a Graduation Committee, appointed by the Rector according to current regulations. For admission to the final test, the student must have acquired all the credits required in the Didactic Guidelines of the Degree Course, with the exception of those associated to the final exam. The graduation mark, expressed in hundred and tenths, is awarded by the Degree Committee on the basis of the overall evaluation of the student's curriculum and the final exam.

External Internships - additional notes

The student who carries out the internship activity in a structure outside the University of Parma will have to fill in an attendance sheet and, at the end of the period, to produce the documentation for the evaluation of the internship that must be delivered to the Academic Tutor, and then follow the same aforementioned procedure for the final test.

Any changes in the Training Project must be communicated to the Training Internship Service (UNIPR), through the methods reported in the ESSE3 platform. In case of particular circumstances, the student must contact the Didactic Secretariat which, after appropriate evaluation, will define the correct procedure to follow.




The aim of the final test is to verify the student's ability to present and discuss a chemical topic carried out during the internship. The students will prepare a short written report relating to the internship and will present their work publicly in front of a Degree Committee.

To get the student used to the precise and concise style typical of technical-scientific reports, the report will have the following structure:

• Title page

• Short summary

• Introduction

• Results and discussion

• Conclusion

• Additional Material (optional)


The summary, which must be no longer than two pages, briefly summarizes methods and results. The additional material includes, when necessary, the material (spectra, figures, analyzes, etc.) supporting the main text.

At least one week before the date scheduled for the final exam, the student must send an e-mail to the "Service for teaching quality" (, attaching two PDF files: one corresponding to the complete title page (FRONTESPICE MODEL), summary and thesis text; the second must contain only the title page and summary. The Secretary will distribute the file to all members of the Degree Committee. The dates and deadlines for the Graduation Exams are published on the calendar-graduation-sessions-and-deadlines page.

The first page of the report (title page) must contain the following information: Department, Degree Course, Title of the report, names of tutor(s) and candidate and academic year.

To be admitted to the final exam, the student must have acquired all the educational credits required by the Didactic Regulations of the Degree Programme, except for those attributed to the final exam. The degree mark is expressed out of one hundred and ten and includes an overall assessment of the student's curriculum. For the calculation of the degree mark, the commission takes into account the average of the marks obtained in the training activities, assessed out of thirty, including the exams passed in other degree programmes and validated.


The Degree Committee is appointed by the Director of the Department for each graduation session and is composed of a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 11 members, and preferably includes the tutors of the internship.


Before the final exam, the tutor submits an overall assessment of the candidate to the Degree Committee. The time available for the presentation is about 15 minutes. At the end of the presentation, the Committee can ask questions to the candidate relating to the work done. The

Committee, taking into account the judgment of the Tutor and the quality of the presentation, assigns an increase on the weighted average of the marks up to a maximum of 8 points. A further increase of 2 points will be awarded to students who obtain their degree within the prescribed time. The average will be rounded up or down if the two digits after the decimal point are equal/greater or minor than 50, respectively. A weighted average of at least 103/110 is required to be awarded a degree with honors. More details can be found in the Italian site ( or by asking the Secretary (