Who we are

Chemistry is a central Science for the general advancement of scientific knowledge and its applications. The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Chemistry of the University of Parma offers a solid basic training that covers all the fundamental aspects of the various branches of chemistry, allowing the student to reach, at the end of the programme, a complete, articulated and unitary vision. Once graduated, the student will have all the necessary skills to choose if to continue with the academic career (master) or to explore job opportunities.

The programme includes theoretical and laboratory courses. An English language and a Safety Training course are also included. The programme also offers free choice courses and ends with an internship to be carried out in research laboratories, in public or private institutions, in the industrial sector, or research centres (including Universities), in Italy or abroad.

The employment area for a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry is typically offered by analysis, preparation (synthesis), quality control and certification laboratories, by public institutions and private companies, and as an employee or consultant in all those companies that require basic knowledge in the fields of chemistry and the use of chemistry as a fundamental part of their activities.